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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  June 15, 2012 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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in a campaign year. them to make it more fair, more efficient, and more just. specifically for certain young people sometimes called dreamers. >> conservatives have questioned how tough presidential candidate mitt romney will be on immigration. today, he cited a key ally in trying to reach hispanic voters -- florida senator marco rubio. >> he said this was an important matter. we have to find a long-term solution but that the president's action makes reaching a long-term solution more difficult. >> the policy applies to those who came to this country before the age of 16, are younger than 30 had been in the u.s. five years or more, and have no criminal record. >> we have to understand these people have contributed to the united states all their lives.
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with -- they say that we are all americans but we just do not have the right papers. >> things get testy when a reporter challenged the wisdom of the policy. >> it is the right thing to do. excuse me, sir. it is not time for questions sir. not while i'm speaking. i did not ask for an argument. i'm answering your question. democratic are arguing with the president's decision. the arizona governor told fox news channel today that she sees this as "back door amnesty." >> we asked on facebook today whether the government should stop deporting undocumented immigrants who came near as children. 43% said yes. the rest disagree. you can read more about the story right now on >> the district is so in more than a dozen workers over an elected benefits scheme.
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d.c.'s attorney general's office has filed lawsuits against 13 current or former city employees accused of collecting unemployment benefits while holding government jobs. the scheme was first revealed earlier this year. about 130 employees have not been implicated. some of the workers being sued have already been fired. >> d.c. police are intensifying their search for the killer of a local deli owner. she was opening her store on eighth street yesterday morning when she was shot and killed. police believe the motive was robbery. they have handed out fliers today and hope someone will come forward with information. also today, friends family members, and patrons of the delhi held a vigil outside the store. >> also new tonight, new troubles surfacing within the secret service. two months after the prosecution scandal in colombia broke, the government has released details of other bad behavior by the agency.
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tell us, what did you find? >> we poured over this -- pored over this skating list of alleged bad behavior ranging from the embarrassing to the criminal. it places a dark cloud over an already embattled agency. the accused are not petty thieves -- they are u.s. secret service employees, some of whom protect the president. >> we want to believe that your public servants have honor and integrity. >> earlier this year several agents were implicated in the colombian prostitution scandal. eight employees were ousted. the director assured congress such bores behavior was not system appear friday, the department of homeless security release 200-plus heavily censored pages of complaints it has received since 2004. many were frivolous or had nothing to do with the secret service, but a good number were or are still being investigated. for example, in 2003, a secret
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service agent was accused of being involved in prostitution ring. is it is alleged that three agents ransack a home, confiscated private documents and that and to put that person in a body bag in the complaint was made to authorities. in 2011, an employee accused another of an incentive sexual assault. just last month, an officer of the agency was seen on videotape walking around the apartment complex completely nude. donald says years ago, he worked with retired secret service agents. >> these guys were really straitlaced guys, so it must be shocking to them to seek the new generation of kids coming into the service. >> a spokesperson for the u.s. secret service in a prepared statement stressed that allegations of employee misconduct are, of course, taken seriously and fully investigated. >> thanks very much. the number of deaths throughout the metro system is rising. 239 reported during the first three months of this year. that is double the number in the
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same time last year. the anacostia budding road rhode island avenue, and plaza stations are the worst. >> we have an update on a story we should do this past wednesday. one of the two men who ripped off clients with their property management business is now headed to prison. he was sentenced to six years in prison for defrauding clients letters, and the government. the two were accused of using their property management company to drain accounts of clients after lying about doing maintenance and upkeep. talbott will be sentenced at a later date. >> the race for the white house and a six-day trek under way tonight for a republican mitt romney. romney kicked off the bus door this morning in new hampshire. his goal is to stop in at least 14 small cities hit hard by the u.s. economy. the governor also made stops in pennsylvania, ohio wisconsin iowa, and michigan. up to be bid democratic national
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committee wants to get its message out by sending a bus to follow governor romney's bus across new hampshire today. >> still ahead a bold and spicy idea to bring a casino to a national harbour. see what mgm has planned if lawmakers give the ok. >> also, a celebration of gay pride at the white house. >> metro riders getting ready for monday. that story coming up. >> beautiful day today. would you like this to continue
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>> we are back to 6:00 with complete changes to thousands of
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morning commuters thanks to the overhaul of the metric system. >> ad begins on monday and will affect four of the 5 metro lines, and metro says it will benefit a majority of riders but getting used to this new system may be tricky. >> metro is changing the way it runs trains. basically, it is going to add more trains at rush hour to the orange and yellow lines to ease passenger crowding while cutting back on the blue line and calling it russia +. >> have you heard of russia +? >> no. >> i have seen the signs. >> do you know what it means? >> i do not. >> it seems metro has its work cut out, but starting monday, service changes on blue orange, green, and yellow. the website talks about it. >> customers on the orange line will see six additional trains every hour of every rush hour. blueline trains will be transformed into yellow line
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trains. >> i am not usually a week in the morning so you're so afraid i will get on the wrong train and had to switch again. >> all of this mainly affects the ends of the lines. most routes will see more trains, though some will see fewer. >> there are some customers who will wake up to one additional 6 minutes longer than they do today for a blue line train. >> as for why all this scrambling, metro is getting ready for the new silver line and the passengers it will generate. >> it all comes to the tunnel under the potomac river. it is at capacity. >> so metro is talking rush plus. >> again this all starts monday morning. redline passengers will not be affected as long as they are not changing trains. you can find out everything you need to know about rush plus on our website >> thank you. coming up next, no end in sight
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for the massive wildfires in colorado. see how far it has spread. >> will be nice weather continue? the forecast after the break. >> the nationals hosting the yankees. two first-place teams. it is sure to be a showstopper.
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>> a reception is under way at the white house to recognize gay pride month. president obama along with members of the lgbt community are involved in the event. the president's recent declaration of support for gay marriage was celebrated as a key endorsement among gay rights groups. also today the defense secretary thanked gay members of the military for their service. a big-name casino has struck a deal to build a facility at
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national harbour. >> officials from mgm resorts international met today with governor o'malley and talked about plans for the proposed casino pier that would include about 4000 slot machines and 250 table games. it would also be stores, restaurants, and a luxury hotel. >> the jobs we create have a multiplier effect. for every job we create, at least another job or maybe even perhaps more, are created. the economic proposition for the state of maryland is the opportunity to create over 8000 jobs. >> state lawmakers would first have to pass legislation to grant a sixth casino. it would depend on passage of a competitive tax rate for the site. >> new unemployment figures are out for the d.c. area. the labor department says d.c.'s unemployment rate in may fell to 9.3%, that is down 0.2% from april. maryland's jobless rate inched up slightly, and virginia's unemployment rate was unchanged
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at 5.6%. >> those fires in colorado are still burning. the flames have now spread to 52,000 acres. that is larger than the square mileage of the district of columbia. more residents have had to leave their homes. the fire is the third largest in the history of colorado, and it is only about 15% contained at this point. they are begging for rain out there. >> they are not going to get it, unfortunately. >> not only is it the fire, but the drought struck the country. we have been fortunate here to have some rain. look at the skies today. my goodness. that it was spectacular. there it is in a time lapse. no prettier sight in the whole world. just looking down the ball there. those clouds have smiles in them, by the way. those are happy clouds. our high temperature today made it up to 82 degrees. just about average, believe it or not. it probably felt color than that
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because of the low humidity. look at the record -- remember 1994? we had three records in a row. 101 degrees on this day. let me take you back. i want to show you hurricane carlotta. there it is off of the mexican coast line. that is where there will be some soaking rains. winds are 105 miles from our. it is a category two hurricane. the rains they could use in colorado. here is how things look right now. i am putting in the block up. we have this ultimate in time lapse, and it will be a lot of fun to watch two hours at the beaches. ocean city, 60 degrees with that northeasterly wind. guess what the water temperature is? 68 or so. that will be the spot that will be cool, but look at the temperatures up and down the east coast right now. here is the kind of air that is coming our way.
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93, and there is the humidity, beginning to build out in the mid part of the country. look how dry it is in denver, colorado. dupont are into the 30's. watch the general pattern and jet stream over us. that will continue. there are some of the showers and thundershowers. the way out into the north dakota area. as we go through the weekend, a little area of low pressure off the coast general area of high pressure so sun dried up and down the east coast. the humidity will begin coming in a little bit as we get related to the weekend but especially next week. in the meantime, another beautiful day tomorrow. to bridges into the low 80's. look at chicago -- 94 degrees. for us, low humidity continues. also on father's day, a great cook out whether. after that, though, watch as we get into the middle part of next week. temperatures continue to increase.
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finex thursday and friday, hot and humid. near 95, but feeling about 100. enjoy the weekend. >> if you are a baseball fan this is the night to be in washington, d.c. this is going to be a lot of fun. >> we are starting a great series. >> a lot of excitement here tonight to see the first-place yankees take on the nationals who are also at the top of their division. bill hughes has won three of his last decisions, and the nationals tend to gonzales who has always been steady, one of the hottest pitchers in the lead. in national are on fire. keep in mind, they have the second-best record, several yankees have acknowledged
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washington is now a force to be reckoned with. the first baseman will be back in the lineup tonight. skipper dave johnson managed the those in the mid-90s, so he is all too familiar, and he likes the players and will admit -- he like the players, will admit these games bring more attention. >> you always want to measure yourself against the best. i think that is the true yardstick of where you are at any given point in time. why not? challenges are the spice of life as far as i'm concerned. >> despite a rough start, harper is doing so well hitting 370 his last 21 games. he has also tallied seven home runs with 19 rbis. not only will he get up to play the cynic of idolizing tonight but some new york stars are praising him their cells. they admire his also. this is what the 19-year-old had to say.
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>> the captain, and the guy that plays the game the right way. if i could play the game like him, just have some fun and do whatever i have to do to help us with this game, then i think it will all be ok. >> tiger woods of course now surging to the forefront of golf with his recent pga tour win a couple weeks ago. he surpassed jack nicklaus for all time wins on the tour and is now looking for his 15th major win in san francisco through six holes. he is now at even par imperial keep an eye on him. he definitely is in the hunt. by the heat. and other teams as we watch in the nba, but the wizards are trying to get into the finals themselves. next year, they are working on some of the top prospects. one of them is michael gilchrist from kentucky. also out there was austin rivers from duke, the stand up.
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he will not go in the top three most likely, but he makes a pretty convincing argument. >> i just think with my play- making ability i can get people open and get myself open, too. i will compete and work hard and be a great teammate. >> and, of course, the big story tonight is right here at the parks. the yankees the nationals, six in a row. something has got to give. they have all been on a hot streak. we will see what happens tonight. back to you. >> thank you very much. enjoy yourself. >> it is a
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>> looking ahead to father's day weekend. >> we are all ready for that. >> we're going to continue this with the through the weekend. how about that? just delightful. committee begins coming back but it is that with a vengeance by wednesday and thursday. temperatures wednesday and thursday near 95. i just put up a blog. >> we will go there virtually. then at abc news coming next. >> we will see you back at ♪ ♪
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